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Our Mission

Moon Cycle Bakery is a wellness based business that focuses on the menstrual cycle and creates sweet treats and food related products to help support womxn hormonally, spiritually and emotionally. At our core, we value education and believe that having the tools to understand our bodies leads to choice which leads to empowerment.

We find that women's health and empowerment is an area of society that is increasingly stuffed into tight corners and regulated by others. We've found our shoulders holding too many "shoulds" and decided to do something about it.

Moon Cycle Bakery is founded on the belief that we all deserve to be validated, heard, and seen throughout our cycles and that shifting our perspective from dread to celebration is one way to reclaim our power. A brownie never hurts, either. One moment while we fit your crown.

Who We Are

Moon Cycle Bakery is a tiny yet mighty family run business (hi, husband and mom!) with the addition of our team nutritionist. Everytime you receive a package, it comes from our small commercial kitchen, baked with you in mind, packed by us truly and sealed with a whooole lot of love.

Our Product and Our Process:

All of our products are created by way of clinical research. Studies have shown that as our hormones ebb and flow during our cycle, certain micronutrients are depleted. The depletion of certain nutrients is what causes many of us pain and discomfort (physically and emotionally) throughout our menstrual cycle. By focusing on certain micronutrients and choosing whole foods that help to replenish those nutrients (think cacao, sweet potatoes, honey and oats), we create treats that both support our bodies and satisfy our taste buds. All of our products are gluten-free, dairy-free, free of refined sugars and oftentimes vegan, so whether you’re a menstruator, pregnant, postpartum, identify as male or a child (our baby loves our cookies) — we’ve got you covered.