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Moon Cycle Bakery® was founded with a simple mission: to help women redefine their “time of the month.”

We’re a baked goods delivery service encouraging individuals to celebrate the magic that lives within their cycle. We know this time of the month can be challenging, but we also know this time offers enhanced creativity, a stronger connection to our intuition, and an opportunity to shed layers - both literally and figuratively. And that calls for a celebration.

Once a month, we deliver delicious treats that that not only taste good - but hug your body with carefully selected, hormone-supportive ingredients designed to nourish you from the inside out. We’ve created our own period tracking app so that we have deeper insight into your cycle. Irregular? order our one-time package! Every 28 days? Pre-order with us so that we can show up on your doorstep before your expected date.

At Moon Cycle Bakery®, we believe the days of resenting our cycle are over. We want your Moon Cycle treat to serve as a quiet reminder for you to celebrate the art of being a woman, rather than wish it away. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to rest, replenish, and recognize the moon dust that lives inside of your bones.

our Values

We move from 6 key values: Self Care, Self Love, Quality, Empowerment, Community and Celebration. 

Self Care: We believe that taking care of yourself is biggest and best gift we can ever give to ourselves and others. When we take care of our bodies, minds and spirits, we are able to show up in our most vibrant selves and therefore reach others that need lifting. We establish this in Moon Cycle by making sure every treat is chock full of high energy, hormone-balancing, healthy ingredients. Our treats will not only meet you with love and warmth, but they will leave you (and your body) full of vitality and goodness. 

Self Love: Much like self care, self love is an extremely important part of what makes Moon Cycle tick. We feel that self-love leads to self-care and empowerment; it helps us align with the truth that we are worth it.  At Moon Cycle, we want your time of the month to feel like a time that calls for serious actions of self love. In our home, that consists of baths, treating ourselves, writing, Netflix® and chill, dancing, and hours of jamming out to music. There is no right way to love yourself, but allowing yourself the time to do so is what Moon Cycle is all about.

Quality: At Moon Cycle, we don't take what we put into our bodies lightly; in fact we're big believers that we can feel more alive, have more patience with ourselves and the world around us and boogie a bit harder if we're conscious about what we put into our bodies. Because of this,  we are always on the hunt for the freshest ingredients and highest quality brand names. You can rest assured that every treat you receive has been baked with wholesome, high quality ingredients (and a little moon dust for good measure.)

Empowerment: We could go on all day talking about empowerment and how important it is to us. One of our biggest goals at Moon Cycle is helping others feel empowered in their own skin. We've seen the magic that happens when others feel embraced and held by themselves and we want to extend that beauty to others. We're here to have your back and remind that "you doing you" is what makes the whole world go 'round.

Community: It's important to us at Moon Cycle that we all remain kind, loving and united. Reason being is that we're connected, already. We're human beings with the same desires and fears when it boils down to it: we want to feel seen, heard and loved. Because of that, we welcome all walks of life; all shapes, sizes, colors, genders — it doesn't matter. Everyone deserves a time of the month where they feel gifted and rejuvenated. We're here to re-define what "your time of the month" looks like and our community is crucial to that process.

Celebration: Getting your period is not always a walk in the park. Even slowing down when you're used to constantly being on the go can feel prickly and odd. At Moon Cycle, we embrace those challenges, but we meet them with a dose of celebration. Does your PMS have you down and out right before date night? Celebrate by a romantic bath and a bottle of wine. The quieter side of things can feel just as sexy. Are you crazy busy at work but desperately needing what feels like a valid reason to take the night off? Well, your Moon Cycle cake just arrived and it pairs perfectly with an episode (or 10) of The Great British Baking Show. We believe that when life (or periods) hits us with challenges, slowing down and celebrating the here and now is the tastiest answer.