Create your Moon Cycle Profile

After signing up through our website, you will be prompted to create a Moon Cycle Bakery® profile. This is where we'll get to know you, what makes you tick, what flavors you love (and hate)any allergies and what your favorite rituals consist of. Once your profile has been created, you can head to the tab that reads "My Tracker" and enter in some info about your cycle (ie: when was your last period? About how long is your cycle normally?) You can choose to have the system calculate when the next shipping date would be based on your period or just order now for an immediate shipment.

To create a new order, you can click the "My Orders" tab and press on "New Order". From there, you can choose your treats and which package works best for you (ie: Full Moon, Half Moon, Crescent Moon). You will also have the choice of a one-time-order, monthly subscription, 6-month subscription and Annual Plan. To learn more about the packages and plans, head here.

download our exclusive moon cycle bakery app - Coming soon!

We are designing an app to meet all your needs. our Moon Cycle Bakery® app will be compatible for iPhone and Android and is the first ever period tracker with an e-commerce element. Every month, you will be able to track your period, pick your package, confirm your order, change your treats up, skip a month (free of charge) or cancel your subscription all together. You will also be able to make one-time orders from the app as well as receive notifications when you're entering into your crave inducing time + when your package is due to ship. (APP WILL LAUNCH in 2018. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know!)

To learn about which treats are being offered, head to the Meet the Treats page. If you want to learn more about some key ingredients in our goodies and how they help support you, take a stroll to Mission Control. Once you've decided which treats will make your belly happy, head here to order your package now! 

Want something other than treats? You're in lucky. Gift certificates and handmade leather moon bags by Claflin Thayer Co. are waiting for you in our moon mercantile!


You are a certified Moon Cycle Mama at this point and the only thing left to do is re-design what your time of the month means and looks like. What adventurous, soul massaging, free-spirited, goal oriented, lusciously loving, ritual focused, totally orgasmic, happy-go-lucky, sweatpants-all-day, nothing-but-nurturing #monthly moment will you create?