Are your treats gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan or raw?

All of our treats are gluten free, dairy free + low glycemic. Some of our treats are vegan and/or raw and some are paleo. Next to every treat in our shop (both on our website + app - coming soon!), you'll find the ingredients and labels to alert you to whether it's vegan, dairy-free, raw or paleo.  

How are you treats sweetened?

Because sugar is known to increase inflammation in the body, we avoid using processed sugar such as cane sugar. Our treats are sweetened with wholesome, natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates, or coconut sugar to name a few. 

What if my cycle isn't regular?

If your cycle isn't regular or even if you don't get a period, you'll have the option to order a treat whenever the moment strikes. Through the website, you can pick a date on the calendar for delivery so if your period comes early or if you just want a #monthlymoment to yourself, we've got your back.

How do you know when to deliver my treats?

Our period tracker is our crystal ball; it will track your period similar to other period trackers on the market. When you sign up, you're asked about how long your cycle is and when your last period was — with this info, our website's brain (aka coding) can calculate your next expected period start date.  You'll also be able to confirm shipment, change your treats, change your package option or skip a month altogether.  

Can I cancel my subscription or skip a month?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription or skip a month at any point during your service (free of charge). This feature is available up to 10 days before your shipment is set to deliver or your auto-renew date.

What are adaptogens and why do you use them?

Adaptogens are herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine that assist with stress response due to their ability to increase adaptability to environmental stress and decrease serum cortisol (the stress monster hormone). They also prevent neurotransmitter depletion and can increase resistance to stress as well as improve concentration, performance and fatigue endurance. In other words, they are great in stressful situations cue our cycle. We add adaptogens to every treat to help balance your hormones and make sure to explain exactly what benefit that adaptogen is having on your body. Not sure what treat or adaptogen will help ease your symptoms? We've created a quiz for you; answer the questions about your usual aches and pains and you'll be guided to a treat or treats that best serve you. 

when my box arrives, does it need to be refrigerated?

Yes! If you'd like to save your MCB goodies or practice will power, your treats will do best if placed in the refrigerator or freezer upon arrival. 

how long do the treats last?

This depends on the treat — our chocolate cups can last months in the freezer whereas any vegan treats will only last about a week in the fridge. If you're ever unsure about our goodies and their shelf life, email us at!

how can i find the mcb app?

Our app will be released this Spring and we can't wait!!! It'll be available for both Android and iPhone and will be found in the App Store for both operating systems. If you'd like to stay in-the-know about the launch of our app and more, head here to sign up for our newsletter.

where can i learn about the ingredients + how they support my body?

Sharing knowledge and information regarding our treats is one of our favorite parts. You'll find ingredients highlighted and explained on our Mission Control page along with studies to back it up. 

Have further inquiries? Email us