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A Playlist for Your Period

We aren’t here to pretend that being a woman is “roses + puppies” all the time or that some #monthlymoments aren’t harder than others. What we’re here to do is find a way to celebrate even the shittiest of periods. Of moments. Of happenings. To dance in the mother-effing rain while the thunder explodes overhead and our hands reach further towards the ether. But in order to do this, we need an epic soundtrack...

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Conversations with the Moon

Often times I’ll see her when I least expect it. Through the crack in the window, full bellied and ripe. Or sometimes in the middle of the night as I turn over on my side, I open my eyes just enough to see her silver shade dusting the world below her. I always smile. And she always smiles back.

What is it about Mother Moon that ignites our bodies and spirits with iridescent blood and stillness? What about that hazy home in the sky depicts wonder and imagination from its cosmic bodies on earth?

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