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A Playlist for Your Period

We aren’t here to pretend that being a woman is “roses + puppies” all the time or that some #monthlymoments aren’t harder than others. What we’re here to do is find a way to celebrate even the shittiest of periods. Of moments. Of happenings. To dance in the mother-effing rain while the thunder explodes overhead and our hands reach further towards the ether. But in order to do this, we need an epic soundtrack...

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The Magic of Moon Cycle Bakery

a  w o r d  f r o m  o u r   f o u n d e r:  I believe in magic. When I was younger, I used to watch the annual magic show on television with my mom and dad. The one where they ask the viewer to stand up and choose a number on the screen while they scramble it up, send you on a goose chase and 10 minutes later pick up a card that has your number on it. I was in awe. Those 15 minutes of standing in front of the TV felt like an eternity in the best way possible...

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