Conversations with the Moon

Often times I’ll see her when I least expect it. Through the crack in the window, full bellied and ripe. Or sometimes in the middle of the night as I turn over on my side, I open my eyes just enough to see her silver shade dusting the world below her. I always smile. And she always smiles back.

What is it about Mother Moon that ignites our bodies and spirits with iridescent blood and stillness? What about that hazy home in the sky depicts wonder and imagination from its cosmic bodies on earth?

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Adaptogens 101 with Katie Lemons + Alyssa Melody

It's hard to adapt to the perils of PMS. Between the cramps, mood swings, brain fog, and overall fatigue, most days I’d like to collapse onto my mattress, toss on an easy going sitcom (read: Parks and Recreation, The Office, New Girl, etc. etc. etc.), grab a few brownies and tune out the world. Side note: Is there a job description that encompasses these things? If so, I’m ready to eagerly submit my application...

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The Magic of Moon Cycle Bakery

a  w o r d  f r o m  o u r   f o u n d e r:  I believe in magic. When I was younger, I used to watch the annual magic show on television with my mom and dad. The one where they ask the viewer to stand up and choose a number on the screen while they scramble it up, send you on a goose chase and 10 minutes later pick up a card that has your number on it. I was in awe. Those 15 minutes of standing in front of the TV felt like an eternity in the best way possible...

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Techniques to Satisfy Cravings with Katie Lemons // Part 2

They're back — those cravings for chocolate, salty, fruity goodness and right on time, too. Not to fret — we've got you covered. read on for ways to replenish the nutrients we lose during our cycle, how to keep our blood sugar stabilized, how to eat depending on which phase of our cycle we're in and why we should be allowing ourselves to eat sweets. 

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Devon Loftus