Summer Self-Care

Photo from  Stocksy

Photo from Stocksy

By: Charlotte Silverstein

Summer is officially here, in the Northern Hemisphere! Apologies to our friends below the equator heading into winter, but it’s our turn now.

Summer is made for lazy days by the pool, BBQs, boating, fireworks, hikes, binging that show you didn’t have time to watch, picking up those books and magazines, travel and sun kissed skin. All of this is oh so glorious! - but it’s easy to forget that dab of sunscreen, or glass of water when you’re having a blast.

Here are our favorite hacks for making it through the summer. *note: some of these are so obvious, almost too obvious, leading us to forget the necessary steps ;)


1. Wear a hat, any hat (even if you feel like you look ridiculous, or maybe you feel like a cool undercover celebrity):

During this time of year, the sun’s UV rays are hitting us full force. Protect your face, scalp and ears from sunburns and skin cancer scares.

If you’re out looking for a new hat, consider one with a three inch brim, minimum. Also, keep in mind that a lighter colored hat will reflect the heat of the sun, while darker shades will absorb. In an ideal world, your hat would be light on top, with a darker brim, to ensure for maximum protection and absorption.

And hey, your hat can also hide your messy hair filled with sand or chlorine. Just an added bonus.


2. Sunscreen (duh!):

Many of us put our sunscreen on before leaving the house, and completely forget about it for the remainder of the day. NOT GOOD. Bring it with you everywhere. If you’re embarrassed, buy a travel size and stick it in your purse. Expert recommendations vary in terms of how often you should reapply. Try to reapply every two hours. If you’re hopping in and out of the water, then you will need to reapply as soon as you dry off.

Ladies, we know you love those two-in-one foundation sunscreens, but you should not solely rely on those to protect your face. We recommend investing in a face sunscreen, that you can throw on under your makeup, as well as body sunscreen. You’ll thank us later.

We’ve been experimenting with some new sunscreen’s and we particularly love COOLA’s Sport Face and Alba Botanica’s Refreshing Mineral Spray. Remember, you still need to wear your sunscreen when it is cloudy out. Same rules apply. We have gotten our worst sunburns on an overcast day. Those rays are extremely powerful.


3. Dry brushing (another thing to add to my self-care routine?):

This one is worth it. Spending all of that time outside or under blasting AC is sure to dry out your skin. We recommend you start asap, and ideally you should keep this up year-round.Not only does dry brushing remove dead skin cells, but it increases circulation, unclogs your pores, releases toxins and waste, stimulates your lymphatic system, and much, much more.

It’s easy to do first thing before hopping in the shower, or bath. It only takes about 3-5 minutes out of your day. Our skin has never felt so smooth and fresh! Don’t forget to apply your favorite moisturizer after. Your skin will thank you. Not sure where to start? We love this dry brush from Ecotools. The best way to dry brush is to start with your extremities and brush towards your heart.


4. Vitamins! (not just Vitamin D, you’ll get plenty of that from the sun):

While you should be taking at minimum a good multivitamin year-round, experts recommend upping your Vitamin E and C intake during the summer months. Vitamin C can help regulate your body temperature (hello sweat glands!), and lower your risk of heat related strokes and rashes. Vitamin E is here for your skin (but not a replacement for sunscreen). This guy helps protect your skin from sun damage, and can also up your physical endurance.

If you’re not into taking these vitamins in pill or powder form, you can find E in tofu, cooked spinach, lean pork and oily fish. C can be found in refreshing berries, tomatoes and broccoli, to name a few.

Please note that any information in this post is only informative in nature, and should not be construed or interpreted as a substitute for medical advice. Consult your Doctor or Nutritionist before taking any new supplements, or any Health Care Professional if you have any health problems.

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Devon Loftus