Our Mother's and Their Day: Whitney's Mom

Our team got together this year and decided to share the stories of our mamas and acknowledge it all. We're big believers that talking about the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright gorgeous parts of our cycles (motherhood very much included) is one of the strongest ways to de-stigmatize and break down shame. It's also the truest expression of gratitude and celebration — embracing and giving thanks for the entire experience and all it brings. 

Meet Whitney; our brilliant nutrition intern from NUNM and her sweet mama, Vicki. 

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Name: Vicki Mayfield

Daughter: Whitney Mayfield

What feelings were you surprised to find during your pregnancy with me? How happy I was being pregnant with you!

Did you have any cravings? I craved muffins from Dunkin Donuts until they started dropping my blood sugar.

What do you remember about the day I was born? You were 1 week early and I was getting ready to walk in the park when my water broke.

How did it feel to become a mother? Becoming a mother was absolutely fantastic, motherhood gave my life meaning.

What challenges did you find as a new mother and how did you overcome them? The biggest challenge was getting you to gain weight; nursing was not working and you cried a lot. When you finally got formula you began to gain weight and became a happy baby!!

What foods and self-care routines brought you comfort? I loved laying on the sofa with you on my chest. It was very calming and relaxing. I probably did not provide myself with enough self-care due to my working schedule. I have always loved M&M's....my go to stress food.

Why do you believe in cultivating women empowerment and embracing our cycles, bodies, etc? Women empowerment is superior medicine. We live our lives much differently and much healthier when guided by empowerment. Embracing and celebrating our bodies.

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Devon Loftus