Our Mother's and Their Day: Devon's Mom

Our team got together this year and decided to share the stories of our mamas and acknowledge it all. We're big believers that talking about the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright gorgeous parts of our cycles (motherhood very much included) is one of the strongest ways to de-stigmatize and break down shame. It's also the truest expression of gratitude and celebration — embracing and giving thanks for the entire experience and all it brings. 

Meet Devon; our founder and CEO of Moon Cycle Bakery and her best friend mama, Tracy. 

dev mom court.png

Name: Tracy Porrino

Daughter’s Name: Devon Porrino Loftus

What feelings were you surprised to find during your pregnancy with me? I had a great pregnancy with little to no symptoms. I was more tired than I remembered from my first pregnancy, but that wasn't surprising.

Did you have any cravings? I wanted chocolate :)

What do you remember about the day I was born? What I remember most about the day you were born was the excitement and anticipation of finally meeting you.  It was obvious you felt the same way because it was three weeks before my due date that you decided it was time. We were away with our entire family at a wedding. At the end of the evening I cried to Dad that I was so tired and wasn't sure how I was going to finish out my term and at about 2 o’clock in the morning, my water broke! When we got to the hospital, the doctor told us you were breach and suggested doing a C-section. Since it was Mother’s Day, they gave Dad coffee and a bagel and I got a spinal. Hahaha. I will admit, I was a bit worried about the spinal, but it was painless. I remember the feeling of you being delivered. There was no pain at all just a strange tugging feeling. I was able to see you immediately and I remember tears rolling down my face. You were gorgeous. The other memories from that day included the amazing feeling of warm blankets being placed on me after surgery. There was nothing more soothing. I also remember them telling me shortly thereafter that you had displaceable hips. Basically, you would have to wear a harness for the first six months of your life to help your hips finish developing.  It is amazing the motherly instincts that come across you when your baby needs you. I would fight entire army for you if need be. I also remember seeing you for the first time when you were in the nursery. The doctor took me over since I was not yet able to walk. All the other babies were bundled tight in their bassinets but you had one leg uncovered and thrown over the side of the bassinet. The doctor told me then "watch out for that one". I knew you'd forever march to the beat of your own drum. My final memory of the day was having Courtney, Aunt Randy and Grandma come to visit. It reminded me of how strong women are and how they are the ones who bring us strength when we need it and share in our joy.

How did it feel to become a mother? I was thrilled. Since you were my second delivery, I wasn't sure how it would feel, but it was as magical and exciting as my first delivery. In some ways even more, because I knew how excited Courtney (Devon's sister) was to have you arrive.

What challenges did you find as a new mother and how did you overcome them? Since you and Courtney were 10 years apart, in many ways it was like being a new mother all over again. The biggest challenge was going back to work and leaving you. What made it ok was the fact that Grandma watched you and I knew she loved you SO much and would not let anything happen to you. Also, I knew when Courtney would get home from school she would be there to watch over you. I was very fortunate because I felt great before, during, and after my pregnancy. I felt content and happy.

What foods and self-care routines brought you comfort? The one thing that I have always found to self soothe me is a nice hot bath. I love the feeling of the warmth coming over me and my muscles and body surrendering to the water's caress. I also found comfort in making sure I ate iron enriched foods since I knew my body needed that. I wasn't aware at that time of all the other foods that would be so beneficial.

Why do you believe in cultivating women empowerment and embracing our cycles, bodies, etc? A woman's cycle is what makes us so unique and in my mind, powerful. The ability to choose and be able to give birth is a true miracle and one that I am forever grateful for. I am so excited that the education and knowledge of how our cycles/bodies change during the month and why we feel the way we do is finally going public. Women have for too long been shamed by their cycles and not allowed to rejoice and celebrate its magic. We have come a LONG way, but there is still so much more education that is needed. It is important to help women feel empowered and confident in who they are, and this includes every aspect of it. I believe there is strength in those who know their worth and realize that no one can make them feel bad unless they let them. I see strength and compassion and knowledge in you and your sister and I am so proud that you have taken a path to help others rid the shame of what makes them absolutely AMAZING.

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Devon Loftus