Love Yo'self Giveaway: Poppi Photography

Photo by  Tessa Tadlock

Photo by Tessa Tadlock

Kristina of Poppi Photography can be described in six words: creator of light and uninhibited joy. Kristina is one of those rare people who truly embody their craft, capturing that feeling of weightlessness and vibrancy in every photo she creates. Whether it be the moon, the PNW trees, a budding family or flowers, Kristina has the gift of translating the palpable emotions that run through the moment like an electrical current through the ground.

Name of brand: Poppi Photography
Your name and title: Kristina, Photographer
Where you reside: Olympia, WA
What makes you tick/what are you most passionate about? The ocean, travel, sunshine and making other people happy! And of course photography!
Tell us one of your values and how you support it in everyday life: I value kindness. I support this value by my actions and words to others.
What you love about yourself: My positive outlook on life. I can always find something to be thankful for!
How you show love to others: A loyal, listening ear and reminding people of their own strengths.
Shout out to a human that inspires the Hell out of you (and who you want to give some love to): My momma! She is always finding ways to help in her community and volunteer!

Social Media Handles:
Instagram // @poppiphotography
Facebook // Poppi Photography
Photo Credit: Tessa Tadlock

Enter the giveaway to win this image by Poppi Photography as a print!!

Enter the giveaway to win this image by Poppi Photography as a print!!

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