Video #3: Foods to Reduce Bloating (from PMS)

Because you know it’s all about that bloat, ‘bout that bloat, all trouble…

Isn’t that how it goes? Because it should. Bloating is the worst and when it comes to our periods and cycles, sometimes it really feels like it’s all about the bloat. Days lead to weeks and the bloating can feel like it hangs around like a bad sunburn.

Luckily, in this week’s video, Allie teaches us all about foods we can incorporate in our diet to help relieve that bloating sensation.

Dig into the video to learn:

  • The mama of all minerals that helps to reduce bloating (and foods that include this mineral!)
  • The physiological reason we crave chocolate before our menstrual cycle and how eating dark chocolate can benefit our bodies during our cycle (hint: it has to do with the mama of all minerals)
  • What cacao powder + cacao butter are and how they’re produced straight from the cacao plant to the shelf
  • Why honey and ginger are active supporters to your body, especially during your cycle
  • How our Moon Cycle Bakery chocolate cups (within moderation!) can help physiologically reduce stress
  • How to cook with fennel (+ how it helps reduce bloating)
  • To take it one step further, take a look at our in-house recipe attached (there’s chocolate involved…) and tag your photos on Instagram with #mcbrecipeforlove.

Because we all know the truth is that it’s all about that happy belly.

The Moon Cycle Bakery Team

PS: The thoughts and words we use to describe our bodies are powerful — let’s set an intention to stay away from negative self-talk and practice unwavering compassion. We encourage you to celebrate your bodies with positive affirmations by writing down a positive note (on a mirror, on a sticky note, in your phone, anywhere!) about one aspect of your body that could use some love and use the hashtag #selfcareisstellar to tag us in your self-care wonderland. For an extra burst of love, send a little body positivity note to another creature!

Devon Loftus