Love Yo'Self Giveaway: Saje Wellness


We have a bit of a crush on Saje over here at MCB. Not only do their products contain pure ingredients from nature (yay, plant medicine!!) but they’re also free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors and artificial fragrances. And let me tell you, they smell absolutely fantastic. Their diffusers are works of art and their essential oils have become talismans. They value authentic connection with their community, sustainability, and vulnerable leadership. Are you in love yet? Get in line ;).

Name of brand: Saje Natural Wellness
Where is your brand based? Vancouver, British Columbia
What is your brand's mission? Connecting people with the healing power of plants.
How do you encourage work/life balance with your employees? We recognize the importance of allowing our employees the space to connect with the people and experiences that they love. That’s why we offer Fresh Air Friday’s at Saje which are flexible working days where employees have the opportunity to take meetings in nature, enroll in a mid-day sweat class or work from home to name a few options.
Go-to self-care item everyone should have: One of our favorite products is the Stress Release Soothing Oil Blend — A #SAJETIP: roll stress release on the soles of your feet to enjoy a peaceful slumber.
What you love about your customers: We love how our community members stay curious and are always eager to learn more about how plants and essential oils can support their wellness.  
How you show love to your local community: Building authentic relationships within the community is a huge part of what lights us up each day at Saje. That’s why we are passionate about showing up at local events within our key markets, supporting wellness studios and leading with education.  
Shout out to another brand or cause that inspires the Hell out of you (and who you want to give some love to): We are driven by our Co-founder and CEO, Kate Ross Leblanc who constantly inspires us to practice vulnerable leadership while encouraging ongoing personal and professional growth.  

Social Media Handles: Instagram // @sajewellness

Devon Loftus