Video #1: Eating for Your Moon Cycle

How to describe Allie McFee? Let’s start with the first time we saw her.

Our founder was sitting down on a padded floor at the Oregon Eclipse Festival waiting to soak up every bit of information from a seminar about hormone balancing through nutrition. She sipped on her cacao and CBD oil drink as a spritely, long-locked, beaming woman took the stage.

She would later learn this is Allie — a beautiful soul who decided it was her calling to help women balance their hormones naturally with nutrition and a divine feminine approach. Allie founded Modern Goddess Lifestyle whose intention is to guide “women to connect with their inner rhythm and intuition aka their ‘their inner goddess’, to live their authentic expression with mind-body-spirit connection.”

Beyond recipe developing and sharing, one-on-one coaching, online programs and writing, Allie is a certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and is in the midst of publishing her cookbook on women’s hormone health and the moon cycle.

As you’ll come to see in these videos, Allie vibrates on a whole other level.You’ll find yourself smiling and nodding along with her and her perky, gratitude-filled personality and blown away by the wisdom that she has to share. To say that she’s passionate about women’s health is an understatement.

In this first video, Allie takes us through exactly what kinds of food we should be eating for each phase and why.

On top of giving us an overview of the physiological reasons behind each food and how it helps support our bodies during different phases, she’s also provided a worksheet for you to have and hold, through thick and thin (pun intended). Your very first in-house recipe awaits you as well, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about this grounding goodness.

To learn more from the goddess herself, head to the introduction video and laminate that worksheet. Your womb will thank you.

With love,
The Moon Cycle Bakery Team

PS: Stay tuned for next week’s video. Hint: say goodbye to those pesky cramps and seriously rude inflammation with these foods and a new recipe.

PPS: We can’t wait to restock on goodies to support our moon cycles and we want to know: what three foods are you most excited to add to your grocery list to support your moon cycle? Use the hashtag #selfcareisstellar on Instagram to start the conversation and inspire each other!

Devon Loftus