February Video Series by Allie McFee

Photo by Poppi Photography

Photo by Poppi Photography

We’ve got a challenge for you: to love yourself up for an entire month.

Yup. A whole 28 days. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so you’ve got an extra week of lovemaking.

We’re big believers that self-love and self-care can take many, many different forms. Sometimes they take the shape of a bath, or a Facetime session with a friend. Other times they’re in the shape of an orgasm or a camping trip with your partner. Cuddling with pets is another way to love yourself to the max(and if it turns into a nap, even better).

We also think that self-care can take the shape of knowledge — particularly in making the choice to educate yourself on your body, your physical needs and what your soul needs.

While we know you’ve got the self-love + care thing covered in your own amazing, unique and tailored ways, we’ve got you covered this month from the education standpoint.

Starting February 1st, we’ll be releasing 4 videos (1x/week) by the amazing Allie McFee. These videos teach us about nutrition on our cycle, the physiological reasons behind many of our PMS symptoms, which foods help soothe these symptoms and why + when in our cycle is the best time to eat certain foods.

We’re also sending along an in-house recipe each week that ties back to the learnings in each video, so get your kitchen prepped for some serious self-love.

Because there’s never such thing as too much love, we’ll be admiring each and every one of you for showing up for yourself (and therefore others) by encouraging you to share your month of love with us. Use the hashtag #mcbrecipeforlove to tag a picture or story on Instagram of any recipes from this series that you re-create. Or just want to engage in a little self-care moment? We’re in. Tag us with the hashtag #selfcareisstellar in any pictures or stories you take of your self-care + love oasis.

See you in a few days you lovebug, you.

The Moon Cycle Bakery Team

Devon Loftus