Keeping the Slate Dirty for 2019

By: Devon Loftus

With the strike of midnight comes the champagne, deep hugs and passionate lip-locking. The ringing in of the new year is about celebration, acceptance, release for what has passed and optimism for what is to come.

By the dawning of the next day, things start to shift slowly from contentment and excitement to self-criticism and panic.

I know this because I too used to feel this every year. I’d go from feeling full and grateful to wondering what I could change, advance, push along, or remove all together.

I found myself feeling doubtful and powerless, unsure of where to start. And what I realized was that the beginning of a new year didn’t need to be like this.

Is the New Year a good time to reevaluate what is working, what isn’t, what we’d like to release and what we’d like to call into our lives? Yes.

Can we set up a plan, work with others, create a roadmap so that we can achieve the things that will make us happier, fuller, and freer? Yes.

Do we need to reinvent ourselves to accomplish this? No.

A big fat no.

In fact, that is the last thing we should be trying to do. How can we grow and become more fulfilled versions of ourselves if we wipe the slate clean every year and start from nothing? No lessons learned, no experiences lived, no values formed.

I urge us to look at 2019 with not a “New Year, New Me” mentality, but a “New Year, Same Awesome, Sexy, Strong, Brilliant Me 2.0”. If we move through the budding stages of self-work with acceptance, we will soar, leap, create, construct, and love our way through 365 days of 2019. Not to mention, we will see improvement, changes and a happier way of life much quicker than if we try to dump who we are in this moment and create a new and unrecognizable version of who we think we should be.

Here’s to keeping the slate dirty this year.

Devon Loftus