The Magic of Moon Cycle Bakery

By: Devon Loftus
photo by Poppi Photography

I believe in magic.

When I was younger, I used to watch the annual magic show on television with my mom and dad. The one where they ask the viewer to stand up and choose a number on the screen while they scramble it up, send you on a goose chase and 10 minutes later pick up a card that has your number on it.

I was in awe.

Those 15 minutes of standing in front of the TV felt like an eternity in the best way possible.

“But how could he know? I’m at HOME!”

I then learned how it was really a mathematical algorithm, but it didn’t matter. I knew in that moment that magic transcended time and space.

And that was enough for me.

Moon Cycle Bakery felt like that. It felt like getting hit by lightning. Like all the noises around me quieted so that I could hear very clearly what message was coming through. It felt like coming home. It felt terrifying + daunting. It felt like me.

And just like my 9-year-old self, that magic was enough.

Soon Moon Cycle Bakery was planted and I started to show.

A ripe belly full of love, compassion awareness and knowledgethe eagerness to learn, the drive to connect, and the belief that this company would help women and people near and far.

And here we are. I can barely believe how far it’s come and how it’s getting so big, I can barely see my feet. But I trust they’re there. And I trust the ground I stand on now is a new land, one much different and more alive than the one I stood on before this idea chose me.

In a few months, I will launch Moon Cycle Bakery on October 11th, Day of the Girl. This business has evolved in more beautiful ways than I could have ever imagined. Focusing on providing a moment of pause for women during their cycle or people who desire a moment to reset. This includes postpartum mothers, women in menopause + transgender individuals. Fathers gifting their daughters in celebration of their first periods or mother’s looking to send off their college freshman with a sweet treat, healthy nutrients and love.


Moon Cycle is not just a treat. Or a delivery service. It’s a movement. And we invite you to join us.


 So, who exactly are we?

  1. Moon Cycle Bakery is a delivery service delivering hormone-balancing treats to your doorstep during your cycle.
  2. We are the first company to ever design treats that will help balance your hormones and satisfy you.
  3. We also deliver straight to your door because we believe this moment should be about you. We believe in the power of gifting and how it allows you to create time for yourself.
  4. Treats will be chock full of all natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup), spices (cinnamon, ginger), craving satisfiers (chocolate, raspberries), anti-inflammatory agents (matcha, chia) + adaptogens (cordyceps, reishi, chaga + some Pearl Butter goodness)
  5. They will also be delicious because see #1 under our beliefs below.


Moon Cycle Bakery has been created with several values in mind:

  1. The belief that we can absolutely, full heartedly have everything we want. This includes chocolate + sweet, yummy treats that satisfy us AND make us feel good while nourishing our bodies.
  2. The idea that knowledge about our bodies and our cycles gives us empowerment and aid us in making choices for ourselves (which raises self-esteem and reminds us of how much we rock).
  3. The construct that self-care is CRUCIAL to being a human. To showing up in the world. In your relationships. In your work. That taking a moment to pause allows us to move through the muck that life can throw at us with more ease, grace, compassion and acceptance. We believe that embracing the softer, quieter moments + opening yourself to receive is magic in and of itself. Talk about hitting a “refresh” button.
  4. And the biggest one of all: to help others feel loved, seen, heard and held.


That last one was the first drive that came to me the morning I sat down and the words “moon cycle bakery” flowed from my lips. And still, I wouldn’t let it be enough.

I journaled on it. I fought with myself about it. Talked to my Mom. Talked to my friend. Talked with a channeler. And none of them could understand why this wasn’t enough for me.

“This desire to nurture + gift + love is from many past lives,” said the channeler, “you are bringing through centuries of wisdom. You have learned the lesson of slowing down, of honoring yourself, of giving yourself what you need. You understand the pause. Now, it’s time to help others understand.”

And so love it became and quickly, at that. Soon, my dreams were mirrored moons, soft pinks, moody purples. My fingertips dipped in chocolate as the guts of raspberries lined my lips. Soon, that love overflowed as we built our team of heart-centered women and brilliant minds.

It had been there in my heart and body, carrying it with me like an heirloom around my neck — sacred and true — but it grew tiny feet and waving hands and hit the ground running when I said “okay”.

The magic one word can hold.

We cannot wait to serve you. To honor you. To celebrate the life that lives inside. To create space for a moment to pause. To nourish your body. To satisfy your cravings.

To stand next to you, in all your glow, and your shadow, with the reminder of how seriously stellar you are.

with Meraki,
Devon Loftus // founder + baker of Moon Cycle Bakery


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