Conquering Cramps with Katie Lemons // Part 2

The key is to anticipate cramps and know your cycle well enough to start with a few dietary modifications approximately 3 days before your cycle begins.


Diet + Supplement Plan for Taking Action:

3 days before the full moon cycle rises:
1 ginger pill every day (450-500mg per day)
1 multi complex B vitamin
2 omega-3 capsules with good ratio of EPA to DHA
1 magnesium capsule

sprinkle a little extra cinnamon on your roasted vegetables or smoothies
Cook with fennel (30mg per day)
Limit caffeine
Limit sugar, especially processed and refined sources
Limit refined carbohydrates and other inflammatory foods

Yoga (read below for certain poses that help) or gentle walks
Self-care!!! (bath time, facials, meditation, walks, release of emotions, etc)
Practice gratitude - shift perspectives: During my last cycle I was juggling so many different things during my PMS week - finals, a dance performance, and work. Rather than letting it stress me out, simply repeating to myself “I am so lucky that I get to do this every day” was so pivotal in decreasing my cortisol levels.

First 3 days of your cycle:
1 ginger pill (450 mg) and 1 turmeric pill (400mg) upon waking
1 magnesium glycinate (120 mg) pill daily
1 multi complex B vitamin daily
2 omega-3 capsules daily
Anti-inflammatory diet
Light yoga
Go on a walk
Ginger and turmeric pills at night

If you end up with cramps:
Myofascial release:
Myofascial release has helped many women with menstrual and premenstrual syndrome symptoms. During menstruation, the fascia of the uterine lining tightens like a net around the pelvis. When the menstrual cycle begins, the combination of fascial tightness and increasing internal pressure begins to exert heavy pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, resulting in cramping and back tightening.

fascia blaster for back tension and lymphatic drainage -

Another Video Here:

Acupressure + Creating A Self-Care Regimen:
 In one study, acupressure + self-care behaviors were assessed as a means of attenuating cramps. Pressure was applied on the abdominal meridian using the thumb for 20 min and self-care lecture, discussion, and experience sharing was performed. The control group was instructed to take ibuprofen 400 mg three times a day for three cycles. The intensity of pain significantly decreased in the self-care training group.  Training and acupressure were more effective than ibuprofen in the reduction of dysmenorrhea. Learning more about your cycle and sharing your experience can actually help!!!! ( 13 )

Yoga poses for cramps:
One study looked at whether cobra, cat and fish poses were able to reduce the severity and duration of cramps. There was a significant difference in the pain intensity and pain duration in the women who performed yoga (specifically these poses) during their cycle. Time to throw those yoga pants on and get to it.

A How-To for Cobra, Cat + Fish Poses:

Devon Loftus