What Moon Cycle Bakery Means to Me with Katie Lemons


After doing a series of blog posts for Moon Cycle Bakery, I began thinking about the bigger picture, because Moon Cycle Bakery is about so much more than a product or a package. So what does Moon Cycle Bakery mean to me? Loaded question.

Upon first thinking about it, I am so consumed with emotion that it’s hard to fully put it into words. I am writing this as I’m starting the next big chapter in my life. And getting to know the philosophy and people of Moon Cycle Bakery really encompasses everything I have grown to love about my time pursuing my blog and social media presence. While the blogging may have to take a back seat for while, Moon Cycle Bakery has been kind of like my most special representation of everything I strive to accomplish through my online platforms: education, research, entertainment, and yummy recipes that are both comforting and downright delicious.

It has been such a special experience to write and represent this company for so many different reasons. It not only resuscitates topics that are typically hushed, giving them new breath and life, but it celebrates the things about women they may have felt previously ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. When shame dictates a feeling, it’s no longer discussed, and then no true progress is made. Curiosity, growth, and evolution are stifled and the only emotion left is one of embarrassment. And it seems there is no bigger topic than the world of periods that is usually associated with such embarrassment.

Not only does moon cycle revive curiosity, but it also emphasizes self-care, self-love, quality, empowerment, community and celebration. Each of these things feeds into the next, and all are necessary for true vibrancy. By creating a more powerful period experience, moon cycle successfully takes the resentment out of cycles. It’s about rejoicing in the art of being a woman and emphasizing a new routine of rest and replenishment.

These feelings are not typically associated with periods. When I first got mine, in fact, I was bedridden with horrible cramps, feeling the opposite of glamorous. The only solution I knew at the time was Advil or ibuprofen, as this seemed to be what all my friends were doing. It was such a norm that alternatives were rarely discussed. And I just settled for that. Upon learning that there are dietary and lifestyle changes that can be made, I was thrilled at the opportunity to bring this research to only a wider audience, and pair it with recipes that would attenuate PMS symptoms, in turn starting to form a positive association with periods.

So, Moon Cycle Bakery is about something bigger. It’s about talking about the things that other people tell you not to talk about. And personalizing those things. Each woman has a different experience during their moon cycle. And those things should be discussed and noted on a larger scale. No more strolling into the convenient store aisle for a singular solution of over the counter bloating medication. We are more than over the counter medications. We deserve personalized, unique, delicious and researched products delivered right to our door every month.

And on that note, I am over the moon for Moon Cycle Bakery. To combine clinical and trusted research with a delicious product that makes you feel better. It is the total package. And I just can’t wait to receive my first package.

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Devon Loftus