Healthy Holiday Potluck Recipes

It can seem like the intention to be sugar-free leaves no room for a mug or 2 or 3 of our friend’s homemade eggnog at a holiday potluck. And while it is SO important to honor the intentions + behaviors that make our bodies thrive and feel best, it is also important to remember that nourishment can come in other forms besides nutrition… like enjoyment!

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Devon LoftusComment
An Easeful, Holistic Approach to Holiday Well-Being

Oh, the holidays. Home feels a little cozier, the weather invites roaring fireplaces and cuddles, traditions are abound, celebrations are more vibrant — there are so many reasons why the holidays are so darn magical.

But to pretend like that’s all the holidays consist of would be to deny the experience as a whole. The holidays can bring about challenging emotions, run-down bodies and achy hearts and because at Moon Cycle Bakery we value duality, we believe it’s important to honor and acknowledge both sides of the coin.

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Devon Loftus