Hey there, sweets. We're talking to you.

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Our mission

Moon Cycle Bakery® was founded with a simple mission: to help individuals redefine their “time of the month.”

We’re a baked goods delivery service encouraging individuals to celebrate the magic that lives within their cycle and nourish their bodies while still feeling satisfied. We know this time of the month can be challenging, but we also know this time offers enhanced creativity, a stronger connection to our intuition, and an opportunity to shed layers - both literally and figuratively. And that calls for a celebration.

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what's in our treats?

Once a month, we deliver delicious treats that not only taste good - but hug your body with hormone-supportive ingredients designed to nourish you from the inside out. We are often advised to avoid sweets during our cycle - yet more often than not we crave something decadent during this time. Moon Cycle Bakery® is the first bakery to meet your cravings without the guilt.


our mission

We're ready to re-define what "your time of the month" means. here's to more celebration, more NUTRITION, more self-care + more self-empowerment.